“77-year-old Priscilla Presley reveals her secret to looking younger than her own daughter – and it’s not what you think!”

Being an attractive and charming lady for all the times, Priscilla still stays for one of the most beloved and demanded.

A 77-year-old woman did everything to save her youth and glamorous look.

Being a movie star and wife of a worldwide known singer Elvis she has always been at the top of the news. Thought she always says that that was so hard being already famous man’s wife. She was just a little shadow of him. However fans and followers did not think so.

Now just take a look at her. She looks much younger than her only daughter. She is a lucky entrepreneur and full of life lady.

She still attends fashionable parties, accepts all the invitations, and lives a very active life as a famous and beloved woman.
Priscilla often appears on social media with some piece of advice about how to be good and look good. Her friends and homies think that she is just an amazing person, that is why Elvis Presley fell in love immediately.

Which hairstyle of her do you prefer? What do you think about her? Write below your opinion about her lifestyle.

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