“What a look!”. What Angelina Jolie’s adopted son looks like now

There are so many happy endings in adopted and adoptive families.

Beloved woman, actress Angelina Joly is also another good example of a great parent.

Rath Vibol, from Cambodia, is the first child, that actress adopted. Her charity work started back in 2001.

Bill Thornton was his first dad, then Brad Pitt become. Today this handsome, lucky guy named Maddox Jolie-Pitt. He was raised in a beloved family and become a truly good boy.

Now he is studying in Korea, speaks 3 languages, achieved many sports goals, not only because of her parents but also with the help of his inner power.

He tries to get along well with his “father” Pitt, but after court proceedings, he decides to stay with his mother. Angelina deserves it after all.

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