„She looks like Kardashian“. Kanye West had shown his new lover

Kanye West is mostly known as Ye. He is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper, and we are going to speak about his new muse. This is not a fairy tail not a surprise.

He achieved many goals in the world of music, but there is an opinion that all his fame is due to Kim. Kanye also tried his best as an actor, he tries to show only in good music clips. He works hard and it is true.

He had shown his new lover, who is too similar with his ex-wife Kim. Other’s opinions does not bother him. He looks pretty happy and quite with new girlfriend. After some months he finally decided to show every one this girl.

„What’s the reason?“, „What’s the meaning of divorce?“, The same shapes the same face and hair“. „She is the worst type of Kim Kardashian“, „It’s a pity to see him with her“.

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