“An ordinary wrinkled grandpa”. Followers didn’t recognize Facundo Arana

Argentine actor Facundo is 50 now. This news is shocking, especially for those, who haven’t heard anything about him for a long time. He was the favorite hero in TV series and had many awards. He even tried himself as a musician and had done a great job in theatre.

“Muneca Brava” was his most famous and recognizable project. He played the main role as well as it is ever possible.

And of course, melted the hearts of millions of 2000’s girls.

But for today his look is not impressive. Vice versa he is looking like an old man with a beard and wrinkles.

“What is going on?”, “Is he sick?”, “Natural grandpa without any glam”, “He looks more than just 50”.

Such comments I met yesterday. What can you say about the look of beloved actor?

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