This is what looks like Monika Bellucci’s hidden daughter

Speaking about this fascinating couple Bellucci and Cassel one should mention that they did an excellent job by giving birth if two daughters.

Yes, it isn’t a misprint, they really does two daughters. 18 years Deva Cassel had already a huge work done behind. She has signed many brilliant offers and have absolutely many chances to be not only a super model but also super star. But wait, this post is about her little sister, about whom knows a few amount of followers and fans.

Her name is Leoni. She is also very beautiful but prefer hidden life. Ordinary life of schoolgirl without any cameras and fashionable clothes.

“What an excellent girls”, “They are look like similar”, “She have all the chances to become as popular as her mother and sister do”.

“What a cute look”, “Very kind teenager ” fans keep writing comments like this. What can you say, dear readers? Do you ever heard about Leona?

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