You can’t believe it. These 6 actors will turn 60 this year

Probably most of us want to say thank you to all thes actor and actress for our happy childhood. They had done tremendous work in cinematography. They roles and phrases, dress and hairstyle will stay in fan’s heart forever. But wait, could you believe that most of them will be 60 already this year? Yeah it’s a pity. We will probably miss them young.

Brad Pitt

In movie “Legends of the Fall” he was 31, but look at him today.

Helen Hunt

“What women want” is the visiting card of her. She was 37 then. And this year will be her anniversary.

Johnny Depp

In “Cry-baby” the beloved actor was 27, and look at him now. What a handsome man!

Jason Isaac

“The patriot” brought him a real fame. He was 37. And this year he will celebrate his 60.

Rob Schneider

He will turn 60 but if we could turn back years we will probably want to see him at the first time in movie “Hot chick”.

Emmanuelle Beart

She was 23 when had played in “Manon of the spring”. That was a fantastic start for the actress.

Write your opinion about this famous and beloved ones, if you will miss them too.

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