Ukrainian woman became mother at 65. Look at her daughter today

There’s nothing impossible to man who truly wants something.

This is true for the hero of our today’s post. Just take a look at Valentina, who at the age of 65 finally decided to gave a birth a child.

Her private life was end badly and she decided to became a mother with the help of ECO.

For that moment there is no. A huge amount of money at the pocket of this granny, but she started to work hard and took every chance to collect the required amount.

Doctors in its turn had many concerns concerned with the patient age. But with the help of God and with the very big lucky Valnetina from Ukraine, at the age of 65 became a mother of an beautiful little angel.

Neighbours and relatives keep saying bad things about her decision. Most of them concerned about little girls future. But look at this kind couple. They seem so happy with each other, though there is a woman, who says that there had been a mistake in the ECO process and Anna-Marie maybe not Valnetina’s daughter at all.
Only God knows how will end this story, but we wish the hero mother health and good luck to raise her daughter.

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