Look at the baby who was born 7 years ago with an abnormal appearance

Samuel Silva was born in Brazil, 7 years ago. At that time no one ever meet this kind of abnormal appearance for new born kid.

His black and white face and hair shocked everyone till nowadays.

His appearance immediately attracted media attention and he found the fame.

Modeling career waited him until his second birthday.

Since that time he had many contracts and passed most of his childhood in front of cameras.

It is also known that this unusual look have genetic basis.

Boy’s mother in her turn were always had some complexes, but his boy with the same diagnosis and anomaly are even happy that he is not an ordinary boy.

He had passed many castings. Had already seen in famous clothes brend fashion shows.

In Brazil some famous toys stores sell dolls with the same appearance as Samuel have. It is really cool for little boy, what do you think?

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