“What daughter’s unconditional love looks like!”: Shakira’s video with her father didn’t let people stay indifferent

The heart-felt video of Shakira and her senior parent touched everyone

Regardless of all the hardship and difficulties, Shakira has recently been facing, the well-known, successful and brilliant singer never ceases to smile and delight her followers. Initially, problems arose connected with her ex G. Pique and, what is more, her senior father soon got seriously ill needing constant care and attention from his family members.

There is no doubt that she appeared to be a dedicated and caring daughter if we take the heart-felt video she posted in which the singer was trying to keep her father’s feet warm. The heartbreaking footage not only touched her loyal fans, but also brought many to tears.

It should be noted that her father is already 91 years old and lately ended up at the medical center after a tragic and fatal fall.

There is no denying that all her fans with no exception were deeply moved and touched considering her a caring and truly devoted daughter. And the moment her father could take a move, Shakira’s happiness recognized no limits.

The most heartwarming moment was when she kissed his legs making all her fans admire her even more.

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