This is what happened to this newborn with Down Syndrome who was heartlessly rejected by everyone

The newborn who was abandoned shortly after birth: What happened to her?

Shortly after being born, this adorable little baby girl named Sarah was diagnosed the Syndrome of Down and was heartlessly rejected by her parents who left her without even thinking for a second.

The little cutie was left absolutely alone and was devoid of parental love, care and affection. Once, a family was looking for a baby to adopt and met Sarah. Whereas as soon as learning about her diagnosis, they changed their mind to adopt her.

And a kind-hearted man met Sarah, determined to change her life and take good care of her. The man wasn’t successful in his personal life, whereas dreamed of having a family.

Despite all the hardship and difficulties, the man managed to adopt Sarah who was now his daughter.

In this photo, Sarah is already 4 and is adored by her devoted father who gave her a chance of a happy life.

He is truly a hero, isn’t he?


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