This baby born with a “Batman Mask” has recently been cured from her rare skin disease

The little girl who was called “Monster” has been cured from her skin disease

It is time to meet this absolutely unique baby girl who was, misfortunately, born with a rare skin disease called “Nevus” and, as a result, had an enormous black spot on her face.

Since the huge black mark covered almost the whole face, the treatment was literally inevitable. Some actions had to quickly be taken in order to cure the little child from her rare disease with which she was born.

For proper treatment, the family was expected to move to Russia as one Russian surgeon guaranteed that the girl would eventually get rid of that huge black facial mark. Without even thinking for a second, her parents left everything behind and flew to Russia.

Now you can see the absolutely healthy girl who has fortunately been cured from Nevus and, though she has huge scars on her face, she is absolutely happy and without any insecurities.

One unpleasant story once happened to the family. One day, the little girl with her mother was in church. Suddenly, they heard a child asking his mother why the girl looked that way. And the mother, believe it or not, said that she was a monster.


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