“Pregnant Rihanna in a transparent negligee”: During the last stages of pregnancy, Rihanna showed off her belly

Here is pregnant Rihanna’s look in a transparent outfit at Milan Fashion Week

Once being informed that the iconic and legendary singer was expecting a baby, the loyal fans of Rihanna immediately came into delight as such great news simply couldn’t let anyone stay indifferent. Meanwhile, according to many, the celebrity sometimes recognizes no limits and often appears in rather candid and bold outfits shocking the entire world.

On contrary to her earlier period of pregnancy when she was constantly trying to hide her body in loose and oversized clothes, now, she doesn’t miss a single chance to show off her big belly. There have been cases she appeared in short tops, bras and transparent clothes. It should be noted that at Milan Fashion Week, the iconic star left the guests speechless appearing in a black transparent negligee.

Many held the opinion that she looked much better than all the others there and the guest sincerely admired her bravery, femininity and originality. Despite criticism, it’s all up to her as she is the owner of her body.

How did you like her transparent outfit?

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