“Lost over 150 kg for the sake of her family”: The phenomenal life story of the woman whose life has radically changed

The woman, who could hardly move, lost 159 kg and became unrecognizable

Having gained much extra weight and transformed beyond recognition, the health condition of this housewife substantially worsened and it became difficult for her to perform even elementary task and it was her dedicated husband who was responsible for almost everything, i. e. cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids.

Angel’s health issues began since she was still a teenager. The serious scandals with her mother led her to overeat in order to fill the emptiness inside.

The time she weighed, believe it or not, 180 kilos, Angel met her future husband and after giving birth to babies, she gained 90 more kilos. The poor woman decided to take part in a reality show in order to get inspired to lose weight and completely change her life.

Fortunately, all her efforts weren’t in vain and she succeeded in losing more than 100 kilos and still isn’t going to stop.

Now weighing about 80 kilos, Angel feels confident and is no more afraid to show her body.

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