“Fond memories!”: Heartwarming archival photos showing Princes William and Harry with their late mother Diana

Touching archival photos showing Diana and the Princes playing the piano

The following heartwarming photos from the personal archive of the royal family show the late Princess and the two charming Princes – William and Harry. They were photographed playing the piano and now these archival photos warm millions of hearts.

The way the absolutely adorable brothers were trying to play the musical instrument didn’t let anyone stay indifferent. The little boys were always adored by everyone.

Still being far from the real life that they would live as well as all the duties and difficulties they would experience in the near future, the little brothers fully enjoyed their childhood having no single idea what life actually was like. In the following touching photos, the Princes look cute and adorable being accompanied by their devoted mother Diana.

At that time, Diana put aside everything bad concerning her unsuccessful marital life and dedicated herself to the upbringing and raising her children in a proper way providing them with endless love and constant attention as well as an opportunity to enjoy their early childhood years without being involved in family scandals and disagreements.

Currently, both Harry and William are already adults and have their own children. Yet, they are still admired by absolutely everyone.

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