“Aged Carrey with a grey beard”: Well-known 60-year-old film star Carrey’s unkempt look raised questions

Iconic Jim Carrey’s unkempt look in his 60s left every single one speechless

However hard it is to believe, outstanding and legendary Hollywood actor J. Carrey has already turned 60. It seemed for millions of his followers that the actor wouldn’t ever age and, instead, would remain the same iconic and desirable man. Whereas the recent shots, regrettably, prove the visa versa.

Many rushed to point out that the film star has aged and, unfortunately, doesn’t look the same. Some even barely recognized their beloved actor. “Looks rather unkempt”, “However difficult it is to believe, here is our idol, already aged and exhausted”.

“Why do his eyes look so sad and full of regrets?”, “What an unkempt elderly man”, “It is actually a talent to look 80 at 60”, “Already aged”.

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