What does the wife of a Chinese actor look like, with whom he lives for 38 years?

Surely there is not a single person in the world who has not heard of Jackie Chan. The Chinese actor is known not only for his acting talent, but also for his incredible possession of the body, which he shows on the set of films.

But today we will tell you about his personal life, which he hid for many years. Jackie met his love and faithful wife on the set of the film, as she was a famous actress at that time, Lin Fengjiao. The girl was actively filming, but after marriage she decided to devote herself to her family.

In their marriage, they had a son, Chang Tzumin, who is now a well-known singer in China. Some years ago, Jackie’s son got into an unpleasant story, as a result of which he was sentenced for 6 months in prison. The actor could help his son quite easily, because he has strong connections with the authorities. But Chan didn’t help him and decided that he should be held accountable for his actions.

The media also managed to find out that Jackie has an illegitimate daughter. When the network started to investigate this topic, the actor decided to comment on the situation. Yes, he once made such a mistake, acknowledged paternity, but he does not communicate with his daughter now. And all because he’s trying to make amends to his wife.

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