“What an incredible transformation” The girl considered herself unattractive, but the stylist made her enviable in 4 hours

27-year-old Nancy always considered herself ugly and secretly envied her attractive girlfriends. The girl would like to change her appearance, but did not know how. And she didn’t believe that she would be able to transform and become more beautiful.

However, Nancy decided to try and went to the famous magician Christopher Hopkins, whose works are really wonderful.

The heroine told the stylist that she envied her beautiful friends and wanted to become as attractive as they are. Christopher promised her to fulfill her dream.

The master conjured over the girl for about four hours. He shortened her hair a little and dyed it in a chocolate tone. After that, Christopher started to make up. He beautifully designed the eyebrow line and added false eyelashes, which emphasized the beauty of Nancy’s eyes. The main accent of the make-up was the lips, the professional picked up a chic shade of red lipstick for the heroine.

When the woman looked at herself, she did not believe that she could be so beautiful.

It was enough to pick up a beautiful shade of hair dye, apply the right makeup and all the complexes immediately disappear. Now Nancy knows what to do to always be beautiful. She will now definitely forget the word “envy”.

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