Transformation of the week: The woman did not want to go to the stylist, but then she decided and did not regret

Looking beautiful and stylish is a natural desire of a woman, regardless of age. And one of the easiest ways to add a new feature to your look is to play with your hair, with the length and color of your hair.

In addition, a good hairdresser can act as a psychologist: help a woman talk about her life troubles, overcome the complexes imposed by society. If you responsibly approach the choice of a master, you can get an almost perfect result. And so it happened with this resident of Brazil.

She came to the hairdresser with shoulder-length blond hair. But the wheat blond did not suit either the woman or the master. Then work began on mixing the coloring composition.

It was applied to the hair gradually, dividing the entire hair into equal strands. Then the strands were wrapped with special paper, which helps the paint to be better absorbed. Some masters change it to foil. This made it possible to create a beautiful ash blonde on the client’s head.

It was decided to change not only the shade of the haircut, but also her haircut. The woman’s daring oblique bangs were cut off, and her hair was cut to the length of her shoulders. The new look, together with high-quality make-up, literally transformed the look of the client.

She began to look many years younger, and her facial expression makes it clear that a woman is confident in her irresistibility. And not in vain! It is difficult to repeat such coloring at home, but if you go to a salon with good consumables and experienced hairdressers, you can achieve a better effect.

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