The 54-year-old bald daughter of Celentano surprised the Network with her appearance

84-year-old actor Adriano Celentano is the father of 3 heirs. The middle daughter of the legendary artist manages to stand out against the background of no less popular relatives. Rosalind is experimenting with images, surprising fans with her appearance.

So, for example, a 54-year-old woman decided to try to cut her hair bald, puzzling fans with her transformation. “Like a man”, “You are a very beautiful woman, but a new hairstyle does not suit you”.

“Why did she spoil herself so much?”, “It was better with hair”, “Daddy will not approve”, “I wonder what Celentano thinks about this?”, “Not a drop of femininity”, “What a beautiful one”.

“Original appearance”, “And I like the new image”, “So unusual”, “There is something in this”, “You stand out from the rest,” they write in the comments under Rosalind’s posts. How do you like the image of the heiress of Celentano?

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