“Perfect couple!” Who is the beloved one of the “catwoman”?

You will be surprised to know that Jocelyn Wildenstein celebrated her 80th birthday not so long ago. It seems that time has stopped for the “catwoman”. Jocelyn became famous all over the world thanks to her passion for plastic surgery. Wildenstein spent more than $ 4 million on plastic surgery, having changed beyond recognition.

Surely, you will be much more surprised to know who is the beloved one of the beauty. It is 53-year-old designer Lloyd Klein.

The man supports his beloved in every possible way, assuring journalists that his sweetheart has never done plastic surgery. “She always looked like that,” says Lloyd. “He lies as he breathes,” Network users are outraged.

The main thing is that Lloyd is happy with everything, isn’t it? Did you like this couple? What do you know about them? Share your opinion in the comments.

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