“Officially the tallest living woman on Earth”: Here is the incredible life story of the tallest woman on our planet

This unique woman is believed to be the tallest living person in the world

Today’s incredibly amazing story is about Rumeisa Gelgi, a unique woman with a once-in-a-lifetime genetic mutation making her body rapidly grow and decreasing her mobility at the same time. As a child, Gelgi had undergone a number of serious operations, whereas none could change the situation and the poor woman can walk independently only with the help of a walker since the age of five.

The absolutely unique teenager was officially given the title “the tallest girl” being, believe it or not, 213 cm tall at the age of 17. Since then, Rumeisa has grown even more and her height is now, more or less, 215 cm. Recently, she has gained the title “the tallest living person on our planet”.

Regardless of her difficult and burdensome condition and the constant necessity to use a wheelchair, the woman keeps an optimistic attitude to life and is more than sure that her condition will be much improved in the near future. According to her, it is really essential to be able to use our highest potential turning our “disadvantages” into strong sides. Gelgi eagerly encourages and motivates others to accept themselves just the way they are.

Her rare condition failed to prevent her from receiving proper education and she successfully completed her studies getting home education. Her cherished dream was to work in the technological industry, so the woman started to learn web development. Apart from all this, Gelgi is a successful lawyer and researcher and her hobbies are swimming and travelling the world discovering new and interesting things.

Gelgi never gives up and encourages others to be proud of who they are, what they already possess and what they can achieve. In addition, Gelgi has a cat whom she literally adores.

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