Like a man in a skirt. The bodybuilder delighted the network with a female transformation

Natasha Kuznetsova became popular throughout the world due to her power and durability.

Not so long ago, this beauty turned 29 years old but Natasha has already achieved success in sports, having established herself as a professional bodybuilder.

In ordinary life, Kuznetsova prefers sports as well as comfortable clothes that do not constrain the athlete in her movements. However, there are exceptions when Natalia pleases followers with pictures in women’s outfits. To the surprise of fans, Natasha really goes in all kinds of dresses and skirts.

Recently, the beauty’s Instagram was replenished with another shot, which caused a big stir among Kuznetsova’s fans. “Natasha, you are so feminine in this photo”, “She looked like a girl”,

“Look, if I didn’t dream”, “How could I not see this”, “Very attractive and talented”, “Proud of you”, and “Like a man in a skirt,” commented Internet users. How would you assess the beauty of a woman? Did you like the image of Natalia?

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