“Just like mom.” Madonna showed a photo of her only son

Recently, the incomparable performer shared a photo of her only son on his birthday. On August 11, Madonna’s heir turned 20 years old. “I love you more than you can imagine,” the happy mom wrote on her Instagram page.

Madonna was surprised at how fast time flies: “Already 20?”. Let’s remember that the singer is a mother of six children, four of whom are adopted.

Madonna doesn’t publish many pictures of Rocco. Many people know that the 20-year-old handsome was born in the marriage of Madonna with Guy Ricci. “All in mom”, “The same strange”, “Cute young man”, “Handsome”, “There is a similarity”, “And I forgot that she has a son,” wrote her fans.

61-year-old Madonna continues to tour and often attracts her fans with personal photos. In my opinion, the performer looks great for her age. And what do you say?

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