“It’s impossible to recognize her!” the surgeon posted pictures of the instagram star before plastic surgery

American plastic surgeon Ramtin Kassir decided to congratulate the former patient on her birthday in a very unusual way. Dr. Kassir published pictures of her before plastic surgery, where the girl is very difficult to recognize.

It is worth noting that the patient, Lele Pons, is a fairly popular blogger. Its audience exceeds 41 million subscribers. But, as it turns out, today’s Lele is very far from her “real” self. At 18, the girl looked, to put it mildly, not very attractive. She had a large nose, drooping eyelids, and an overly wide smile.

Now Lela is 24 years old and she is incredibly popular, including due to her appearance. Dr. Kassir believes that he literally “had a hand” in the girl’s successful career. Apparently, both he and Lele are very pleased with the results of the once done work. “We are proud of you,” the doctor wrote in his congratulations.

This is what Lele looked like before plastic surgery.

And here’s what she looks like now.

Original congratulations, right?

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