“Is this the same person?” Stylists gave the woman a Hollywood smile, and now she looks like Selena Gomez

Elizangela is a single mother who completely devotes herself to raising her little daughter. The woman ate poorly, spent all her savings on her child and did not have enough money to restore her smile. After giving birth, she lost almost all her front teeth.

Unfortunately, Elizangela was in danger of losing her job – employers threatened her with dismissal because of her repulsive appearance. Moreover, she could hardly chew solid food. This affected her diet and overall health. Doctors and stylists decided to help her on a charitable basis.

First, she was taken to the dentists. After an operation, her teeth were restored. The woman began to smile much more often, got rid of strong complexes. And then she was sent to cosmetologists who helped her restore her skin. After visiting the stylists and hairdressers, Elizangela completely changed.

Netizens and viewers of the show in which she participated felt that she looked like a more mature version of Selena Gomez.

And indeed, in fashionable shoes and a burgundy knee-length dress, she transformed. And she got a lot of applause, supportive comments on the network. And the most important thing is that now she will be the right example for her daughter.

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