Here is the first woman in history who has given birth to eight absolutely healthy children at the same time

How have the eight children this mother-heroine gave birth to at once changed?

The first and only woman of all times who has had eight babies at the same time is N. Suleman. She had them in 2009 and it is worth mentioning that all of the newborn babies were absolutely healthy. Before having these eight babies, Natalie had already had six children who were of different ages.

As soon as the world learnt about this unbelievable and breathtaking story, various talk shows and programs started to actively invite Natali as a special guest asking her to share her feelings about being the first woman who gave birth to eight kids at the same time.

Besides being a devoted and caring mother, Natalie takes a great interest in athletics and simply can’t imagine her life without sports.

The older children of Natalie follow their mother’s example. The praiseworthy woman is more sure that if one regularly takes up sports and is healthy from the inside, nothing can disturb them from the outside.

Sport has an inseparable and significant role in her life and, as she mentions, it definitely increases one’s productivity and helps both physical and spiritual development.

It should be noted that Natalie’s Instagram page has more than 240 thousand followers and that she is a true idol for millions.

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