“Hasn’t shampooed her hair for years!”: How has this girl’s hair changed after not using shampoo for 2 years?

This is what happened after this girl hasn’t shampooed her hair for two years!

Meet iris of Finland origin who suddenly applying shampoo and hair conditioners two years ago. Look at how her hair has changed after this period of time!

She also quitted on using even organic cosmetics when she felt itchy and dryness of skin.

In the year 2017, the girl completely changed her attitude to hygiene becoming a member of No Poo Method Group which strongly rejects any shampoos and encourages to use other alternatives such as soda, organic oils, vinegar and so on.

Whereas even using baking soda made her skin irritated and she determined to wash her hair solely with plain water and see what would happen. Initially, her hair looked oily, greasy and dirty, whereas in the course of time her natural curls appeared.

Apart from plain water, the girl also uses coconut oil from time to time as well as talcum powder.

All her friends highly praise her bravery and determination, whereas there is one thing that bothers them so much – the smell coming from her hair. However, Heikkinen doesn’t smell anything and claims that the head can’t actually smell anyhow.

No one would probably argue that her hair looks simply fantastic. Whereas according to the girl, the so-called method “No Poo” doesn’t really suit everyone, since for those who possess extremely thin and oily hair, it would be much more difficult to clean their hair and maintain it clean and shiny for at least several days.

Regardless of everything, she suggests everyone using this method if one is for natural beauty.


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