For the sake of her husband, the woman decided on a transformation and became a beauty, but he did not like it

Spouses Christopher and Annette have been together for over 30 years. They still love each other, they have a good family. However, over the years, the woman stopped taking care of herself. Caring for the family and home took all her strength, she simply did not care about her appearance. However, Christopher was disappointed by his wife’s unkemptness, she began to look much older. To please her husband, Annette was ready for anything.

She agreed to come to the stylist and change. Despite some awkwardness and apprehension, the woman decided to change her style. By the way, Christopher also decided to transform to match Annette. The wife got a fashionable haircut, changed the hair color and applied makeup that emphasizes all the advantages. Annette began to look younger, she changed and became a real beauty.

However, when the couple met, an awkward situation occurred. Annette was delighted with the transformation of her husband. The woman seemed to fall in love with him again. But Chrisopher was disappointed with the appearance of Annette. He admitted that he expected something completely different. He wanted his wife to be spectacular. Annette could not hide her hurt and disappointment, but her family supported her. Perhaps they will force Christopher to change his anger to mercy, because Annette did it for him.

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