Everyone at school laughed at him because of his unkempt hair. The stylist gave her a new hairstyle

Most of us meet with ridicule over appearance at school. Some do it because of lack of education, others for fun. However, one careless word can destroy a person’s life. James was no exception. Each day at school became a real nightmare for the girl. Classmates laughed at the girl for her tangled and unkempt hair. And she was very complex about it.

The parents were too busy to take care of their daughter’s problem. And Jace decided to hide everything from them. The teachers didn’t pay attention, too. But when her mother found out what was going on at school, she decided that her daughter needed help and took Jace to the hairdresser. There she had a neat haircut, and her hair was straightened.

The girl was happy with the new look, she liked the smooth and silky hair. Now she takes care of her hair every day. And Jace’s parents made a decision to transfer the girl to another school. There she found her place and made many friends.

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