“Cool”. 62-year-old Sharon Stone showed fashionista mom

62-year-old Sharon Stone touched the fans with a new picture. The beauty showed her parent to her subscribers. “My mother,” the actress signed this picture.

Fans of the star were delighted with the new photo of the beauty and hurried to leave comments under Sharon’s post: “Such a beautiful woman”, “Coolness”, I urgently need the same cap”, “Tell mom that we are proud of her.”

Recall that 87-year-old Dorothy Stone recently suffered two heart attacks. However, having recovered, the woman went to play slot machines, which surprised her daughter’s fans.

Sharon is proud of her elderly mother and shares all her secrets with her. The woman is ready to help her daughter and is always there for Sharon in difficult situations. Do you think the famous actress looks like her mother? Share your thoughts in the comments below this post.

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