“Breaking news!”: Prince Harry’s wife Markle requested a meeting with Charles the Third

The reason why Markle wanted to have a personal meeting with the new King

It should be noted that the arrival of the duchess of Sussex at the Queen’s funeral was a great surprise to millions.

Many actually expected from them the flat refusal of royal duties and having disagreements with the family, whereas the spouses acted as truly decent heirs of the Throne and didn’t miss a single event devoted to the commemoration of the late Queen.

However, later, it turned out that the duchess of Sussex requested a personal meeting with the new king, i.e. Charles III.

Many strongly hold the opinion that the duchess intends to discuss the titles of her children with Charles the Third as her son and daughter will probably be endowed with the right to the titles of prince and princess.

According to some reliable sources, Markle hopes that the personal meeting face to face with the King will undoubtedly bring solutions to current problems and that they will eventually clarify the royal positions her children will occupy in the near future.

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