A woman living in complete seclusion showed her hut from the inside

It seems that today it is not an easy matter to find white spots, but this is not so.

In the Wales area of ​​the UK, there lives a woman named Emma. From the side, the loner’s house looks like the residence of some fairy-tale character.

A woman lives in complete seclusion far from civilization. It took Emma over 20 years to build her house, which is deep in the wood. Today, woman is quite good at working with instruments.

Emma demonstrated the internal part of her hut. Everything you need for life is here. Emma’s roof rests on walls made of straw, and the walls are wrapped with a blend of clay and muck. Emma cooks her own food.

The woman managed to solve the problems associated with the toilet. Emma composted it. The woman has a bath in which you can heat water with wood.

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