What does the wife of Sultan Kesen, the tallest man in the world, look like?

You’ve probably heard about Sultan Kesen, who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest man in the world. The man even had to leave the school because he couldn’t fit at his desk. And in order to earn money, Kesen started to grow fruits and vegetables.

It’s really surprising, but Kesen married a girl with the ordinary height of 174 cm seven years ago. She is ten years younger than her husband. The girl made a choice for a long time, but finally she realized that Kesen is very kind and she would be in safe hands with him.

The couple travels a lot. They are invited to many talk shows and programs, for which he is given good fees. By the way, the man is happy that thanks to his uniqueness he has become so popular. The couple is very happy, they don’t have any children yet, but they are planning.

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