They are the adult children of one of the most famous Hollywood actresses, Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a popular, smart and attractive actress in Hollywood. It’s no secret, but Julia, in addition to a successful career, is also a great mother.

The woman has twins named Hazel Patricia and Finneas Walter and a son named Henry Daniel Moder.

Hazel is a student at a private school in Los Angeles, where she studies well. The young lady tried to become an actress in the past, starring in a number of films, but she is inclined to become a model.

Her twin brother Finneas has not yet decided what he wants to be, but Henry will probably become a singer. She attends a voice school and has strong skills of singing.

Julia does not allow her children to register on social networks, so fans of the actress randomly capture them on camera.

Her husband Daniel Moder recently posted a photo of his family and wrote “The lovely mother is in the front. “We are devoted to you” under the post.

The woman also didn’t forget to post a beautiful photo on Mother’s Day attracting her fans.

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