The girl washed off the multi-layered makeup from her face, and her friends did not recognize her

Makeup is able to mask any defects and change the appearance literally beyond recognition. One brave girl decided to remove all makeup from her face and show her natural beauty.

The heroine makes a professional complex make-up every day, as she perfectly knows the skills of a makeup artist. She never left the house and did not show herself to anyone without makeup, and everyone got used to the “artificial” very attractive and seductive appearance: expressive eyes, beautiful eyebrows, a neat nose and plump bright lips.

But recently, the girl plucked up the courage and decided to appear in front of everyone in her natural form. She posted photos showing the process of removing makeup. The first pictures clearly show how the heroine removes a dense layer of foundation, erases lipstick, mascara, blush and eyebrow pencil.

The latest photos show how the girl really looks. Obvious imperfections are visible on the skin in the form of rashes, redness and enlarged pores. The lips are not so plump, the nose is not perfect, and there are no eyebrows at all. To show this, you need real courage.

The girl admits that she understands how important it is to love yourself with all the flaws. Yes, you can constantly mask defects, deceiving not only others, but also yourself. It is much more correct and effective to solve problems that make the appearance imperfect: normalize the hormonal background, eat right and take care of yourself. And then you will not need to apply “tons” of cosmetics every day.

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