She thinks that this relationship was a big mistake. Who was Monica Bellucci’s first husband?

30 years ago, the Hollywood beauty became a wife for the first time. The husband was Claudio Carlos Basso, about whom people know little.

Many thought that Monica was married only to Vincent Cassel. They knew each other for 18 years, but they were married for 14 years. Unfortunately, the couple divorced, but Monica always said that she was thankful to her two husbands.

Her first husband is a photographer who created his career in Milan. When Bellucci decided to become a model to pay for her studies, she was invited to the agency where the man worked. They started dating, and after some time they got married. They lived together only for 4 years, although in fact the feelings were only for six months, and then just a marriage on a piece of paper.

Now Claudio no longer works with models. Now he is interested in nature. By the way, when Monica was married to Basso, she met with the Italian actor named Nikolai Pharaoh.

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