Makeup artist gives a second youth to women over 50

Anar Agakishiev is a makeup artist with a brilliant reputation. He works real miracles, but not with a magic wand, but armed with brushes and palettes. Women who fall into the hands of Anar lose at least 20 years – he reveals their beauty to the maximum. When you see the work of this master, you will understand what exactly is at stake. He is a real magician!

Anar is from Tbilisi, he is a doctor by education. But he never worked in his specialty. Instead, he was fascinated by the opportunity to make this world a better and more beautiful place with the help of professional decorative cosmetics.

Agakishiev is so popular that there are even stars among his clients: Sofiko Nizharadze, Irina Shek. He also has a lot of fans of creativity – more than 1.5 million subscribers in social networks. Viewers especially like to evaluate his work before and after.

According to the make-up artist, most of all he likes to work with age models – the results are simply stunning!

And how do you like the work of the master?

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