Like two different people! What can a good stylist do?

Meet Evgeny Zhuk, the stylist, who after the show “10 years younger” was hit by unprecedented popularity. Today, it’s not easy to get to Eugene — fashionistas are literally lining up to get a new look. By the way, a whole team worked together with the stylist on the transformation of the heroine of the sensational show: a dentist, a plastic surgeon, a nutritionist, a trainer. The final stage is the hairstyle and makeup from the Beetle. Yes, the path is long and difficult, but the result is worth it. Let’s see what happened!

There are no ugly women!

Haircut, hair color and makeup should emphasise the advantages.

Is it possible to change beyond recognition? Yes!

Stylish, you can, boldly!

A good stylist will help to “reset” the years.

You will be in the centre of everyone!

Effective and fashionable!

So pretty!

Don’t recognize yourself in the mirror!

The stylist’s magic hands work wonders, this is an undoubted talent!

It’s wonderful!

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