Just look how beautiful the daughter of Anthony Banderas grew up

A couple of days ago Anthony Banderas visited his homeland, Spain. The actor went to Malaga to celebrate the Catholic holiday of Semana. On the trip, he was accompanied by his daughter Stella, whom many of us remember as a very little girl.

But the girl has grown up – she is already 21 years old. Reporters managed to film the father and daughter on the balcony of the hotel. The pictures hit the network, and users were simply amazed at how much Stella had changed.

She grew up to be a real beauty, having inherited only the best from her star parents.

Melanie Griffith, Stella Banderas and Antonio Banderas (Photo by Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic)

Fans have noticed how natural she looks, unlike her mother Melanie Griffith, who spoiled her appearance with numerous surgeries.

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