Here is the reason why Britney Spears’s sons don’t want to communicate with their mother

Spears’s sons explained why they don’t want to communicate with their mother

Charming B. Spears used to be one of the most popular and demanded singers of our time. Millions of people were dreaming of appearing in her concerts and performances and were literally obsessed with her songs. After having built a successful career in the show business, Spears started to face some problems concerning her health and personal life.

The performer stopped organizing shows and concerts. Instead, she shows her fans that everything is fine in her personal life. It is worth mentioning that the celebrity got married for the second time.

From her previous marriage, the popular star has had two heirs. The boys are already 15-16 years old and lead a private way of life. They are caught by journalists very rarely, whereas recently, the guys did an exception sharing some astonishing details about their relationship with their popular mother.

The sons of the singer confessed that they had no wish to be present on their mother’s wedding explaining that they hadn’t communicated with each other for several months.

The boys admitted that they really love their mother and sincerely wish her the best. They want to sit and privately talk to her without any cameras, journalists and constant filming.

The ex-husband of Spears claimed that the boys weren’t present on her wedding as they had no wish to be a part of “a performance” which was organized in order to make everyone’s attention focus on her.

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