5 years ago, a girl with incredibly attractive eyes was born. What does she look like now?

She has not lost her beauty.

She was born 5 years ago and her eyes charmed the whole world. Besides, the girl’s parents did nothing to become famous. Everything happened thanks to the Internet. We will tell you from whom the girl inherited an unusual appearance, and how baby Jahaa Sofia looks now.

Got an unusual name from her mother

Looking at the Stumbris family, it immediately becomes clear that their union is international. The appearance of both partners is amazing. Tall, blond hair, blue eyes, straight narrow nose and thin lips of the dad of the family contrast with the beauty of his chosen one. The dark hair, dark skin, brown eyes and voluminous lips of Mrs. Stavros, as well as the hijab, directly tell us that the woman belongs to the Eastern culture. Apparently she is from Malaysia.

The details of the couple’s personal life are not disclosed, but it is known that they got married in 2014. Two years later, their first daughter was born in one of the clinics in Sweden. The girl got a rather unusual name — Jahaa Sofia. Her mother gave it to the baby. Before that, the couple agreed that if a son was born, then his father would name him, and if a daughter, then Mrs. Stambris.

She took all the best from both parents

Jahaa Sofia seemed to have won the jackpot and collected the best from her parents in her appearance. She has pretty cute facial features, a neat nose and lips, but most of all her eyes stand out. They are especially beautiful and have fluffy eyelashes. The eyes just conquered the users of the network. Parents posted a photo of the baby on the Internet, and it flew around the world.

Commentators called the newborn a beauty and predicted her acting or modeling career. After all, with such a spectacular appearance, it will not be difficult for her to break into show business. Moreover, the girl has already had the first wave of popularity. Her YouTube channel has more than seven thousand subscribers, and nearly 70 thousand on Instagram. There would have been more fans, but the girl’s old account was hacked, and her parents had to start a new one.

Willingly works on camera

Now the girl is 5 years old. She has starred for a local magazine and is trying on things from advertisers on Instagram. The girl willingly poses for the camera and is happy to be filmed for short videos together with her younger sister Amira. They live in Stockholm and show their usual everyday life on the network, but it was this content that subscribers liked.

Nevertheless, the beauty has an absolutely ordinary childhood. The girl draws, tells poems, rides down the hill, looks at animals, learns to write. Her mother puts all this on the web and every publication is torn by comments about the beautiful Jahan. People are delighted by a video where she just has lunch or answers various questions from her mother.

Growing up a real beauty

With age, the baby’s facial features have changed a little. But it is worth noting that her appearance has become even more interesting. Thick black hair with bangs added charm to the girl and made her more mature. The chin is stretched out, the baby’s swelling is coming off the cheeks, the neat nose is lengthening. And the eyes still look attractive.

In addition, it is impossible not to say about the smile of the young star. She has neat symmetrical pink lips with a pronounced cupid’s bow on the top. All this makes the appearance more doll-like and charming.

What kind of unusual children are obtained by mixing completely different bloodlines. I want to look at their appearance. And if such crumbs are also talented, then they instantly win the hearts of the audience. So little Jahaa has every chance to become famous.

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