This unique girl born without arms can play the cello, eat with chopsticks and completely enjoy her life

The girl born without her arms actually leads a complete life

This poor girl was born without arms and, because of her uniqueness, her heartless parents left her in the hospital shortly after her birth.  The child was sent to an orphanage but soon her fate smiled to her.

Inga got adopted at the age of two and a half. Her bighearted foster parents weren’t sure she could cope with her rare condition but the girl, surprisingly, could lead a compete life.

First, she started with a silverware, then a toothbrush and then even chopsticks. However unimaginable it could sound, she even mastered in keyboard and could drive a car as well.

She refused to give up and did absolutely everything with the help of her legs and feet.

Inga is currently studying law. She has many loyal friends and a loving boyfriend who accepts her the way she is and is always there to help and def end her.

It is known that her biological parents once tried to contact Inga and her foster parents but she isn’t interested and has no wish to get known to them. Inga is very grateful to her current family for providing with everything needed and for unconditional love she received from them.

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