This is what Leonie, the heiress of actor Cassel and Italian actress Bellucci currently looks like

Here is how Bellucci’s and Vincent Cassel’s youngest daughter now looks

We all are aware that the well-known actress’s daughter attracts the modeling industry, whereas it seems like her youngest sister will soon replace Deva.

It is worth mentioning that the ex-spouses were married for 15 years and were regarded one of the most influential and beautiful couples. Though the couple divorced, they remained friends for raising their charming daughters.

The French actor sometimes prefers taking care of his kids from the previous marriage rather than spending time with his current wife.

The young model has already managed to befriend with his husband’s children and they together were recently captured in Brazil during their vacation.

The ex-spouses try to hide their heiresses from the public, whereas the paparazzi don’t miss a single change to catch them.

They delighted the network with their warm and touching photographs.

Leonie’s life doesn’t escape anyone’s attention.

Though they try not to show her very often.

The awesome girl together with her step-mother.

What concerns their eldest daughter, she is actively engaged in the modeling sphere and is not going to stop.

Deva frequently delights her fans with her fantastic appearance in fashion magazines.

Though little do we know about Leonie, it is believed that the youthful girl will probably continue her mother’s and sister’s career.

The ex-spouses

Tina and Vincent

Deva and Bellucci

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