This is how the mother-heroine and her 8 kids that were born at the same time look after 12 years

The heroic woman gave birth to 8 babies at the same time: How they look now

In 2009, one heroic woman from California hit a new record giving birth to eight babies at the same time and, believe it or not, they all were absolutely healthy.

People often call Nadia “a super mother”, or “a mother of eight”, whereas sometimes her life was extremely tough and burdensome. It is worth mentioning that before having these eight babies, Nadia was raising her six twin-children and already had enough experience.

The woman turned to ECO procedure and 12 embryos were put inside her, but actually they should put 2-3. As a result, the doctor’s license was revoked and Nadia broke a new record.

It still remains unknown who the real father of these eight children actually is. Nadia mentioned a certain name, whereas her relatives haven’t confirmed that information yet.

The mother-heroine experienced a lot during the period of her pregnancy. In fact, it was the government and her neighbors that offered their help to the woman. She earned some money from a popular reality show about an unusual family. Nadia took an active part in various projects and programs but in the course of time there were fewer and fewer offers.

Some people believe that Nadia participated in revealing photo sessions and danced in bars in order to keep her large family and earn for living. She had to cope with depression and other psychological disorders, was sent to a rehabilitation center and, in the end, succeeded in reestablishing her reputation.

It is thought that she has recently graduated from medical college, currently works with autists and encourages women who have to experience what she previously experienced. Her eldest son is now already 19 and the youngest ones are 12.

Nadia periodically shares heartwarming photos with her adorable children and they look absolutely happy. The 44-year-old woman still dedicates all her time to her precious family and manages to keep herself fit and healthy at the same time.

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