She became an aunt, gained extra kilos. 46-year-old Kate Winslet is difficult to recognise

Do you all remember the Rose from the movie “Titanic”? 25 years have passed, and the Rose has been remembered by everyone once and for all. Actress Kate Winselt, who played the role of the same Rose in the cult film, has not been a socialite for a long time.

After marrying a billionaire for the third time, Kate completely abandoned social gatherings and exits, devoting herself to the family. It is very rare to find a Hollywood star somewhere. However, the other day, luck smiled on the photographers and they captured Winslet on the way to a tennis match. Kate, dressed in a blue dress, elegant pumps and carrying a wicker bag, was walking down the street in a good mood.

It’s over, it’s impossible not to notice that Winselt gained a lot, but this did not affect her charm and beauty in any way. Moreover, she is already 46 years old and all the changes are obvious.

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