A phenomenal story: These girls were besties since childhood and didn’t know they were, in fact, sisters

The girls were in a friendship for 18 years without knowing they were sisters

In fact, it is not only in movies and series that people are by others’ side for many years without being aware of the fact that they are actually siblings or relatives. We all can appear in a shock by surprises the life prepares for us.

Today’s heroines are Toya and Ashley who first met at school and soon became inseparable besties.

The girls happily found out that they actually had a lot in common. They possessed similar taste in music, films and clothes.

Unlike Toya, who was properly raised in a complete family, Ashley was kept in an orphanage as her mother had passed away and, what concerns her father, she knew nothing about him.

One day, Ashley’s mother’s friend came across the photo of Toya’s father on the web by accident and rushed to announce that he was, in fact, Ashley’s father too. There is no need to say that the girls were simply astonished by the news.

They immediately took a DNA test and the woman’s words were proved. It was found out that Ashley’s mother had a love affair with Toya’s father and decided not to tell him about her pregnancy. The man eventually accepted his fatherhood.

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