“Wrinkled clothes and hair in a bun”: Jolie appeared in an unusual summer outfit in Italy

Angelia Jolie was caught wearing wrinkled clothes in the streets of Rome

Even the world famous celebrities can have bad and unlucky days. Angelina Jolie is currently in Italy as a director for her new film.

She is extremely busy with her project and people think that her kids already miss their mother so much. Perhaps that’s why Shiloh deliberately flew to Italy in order to see her mother.

Besides the lack of attention towards her kids, Jolie sometimes forgets to care about herself dedicating all her time to the realization of the new film.

In recent photos, the star chose an all-linen outfit of a white elongated T-shirt with embroidery at the neck, beige trumpet pants and sandals. The actress and director appeared in a messy bun hiding her eyes behind trapezoid-shaped sunglasses.

Most importantly, Jolie was in light and comfortable clothes especially if we take the terribly hot weather in Rome. Whereas such an outfit had one main disadvantage: it easily got wrinkled while the woman was moving but that didn’t bother our heroine at all.

In such an outfit, the star took a walk, ate ice-cream and interacted with native people. Jolie was, seemingly, satisfied with the scroll as well as her appearance.

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