“The world’s oldest mother”: At the age of 66, this mother-heroine gave birth to a daughter

This woman gave birth to her heiress at her 66: What do they look like now? 😳🤔

This Romanian mother-heroine named Adriana Iliescu immediately gained world fame and popularity when the woman gave birth to her baby at the age of 66, in 2005, thus becoming the world’s oldest mother. She named her adorable daughter Eliza.

It is worth mentioning that Adriana has worked at the university all her life with the title of professor.

Although her beloved husband was against having children, the woman, for the sake of realizing her cherished dream, turned to doctors for the IVF procedure.

Currently, the mother-heroine is 82 and her child has already turned 16. The teenage girl literally adores her mother and tries not to pay much attention to her classmates’ and peers’ mocking and gossips.

Most importantly, Adriana doesn’t actually regret anything as her heiress means everything to her. The elderly woman simply hopes she will live until she celebrates her girl’s 20th birthday.

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