It made me happy to see someone so young and moldable being so positive and wanting to be that light: a schoolboy’s amazing act

Recently, a little boy came to a police officer on his way to school. He had no crime to report, but he asked her to pray with him. The unforgettable second was caught on camera and became popular.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a little schoolboy dedicated a cop’s day. Guarding the streets usually assumes itself to relating to problematic people and supporting residents in need. However, for LMPD officer Lan Dykes, an ordinary day became unique.

A woman’s good turning of a day was connected with a young man who came to her. While many would have supposed that the boy was in need, the opposite was the reality. He wanted to suggest to the cop some motivation and support.

A boy stops a police officer on his way to school and asks her to pray with him at the bus stop.

Officer Dykes published a meeting that she remembered ever since. Luckily, this was also taken and became popular online. The Louisville Police Department’s Facebook page considers the image unique.

It portrays a policeman holding her hand on the chest of a schoolboy. She fell her knees down to his level and his eyes were closed. In a later statement, Dykes uncovers what was happening: the boy prayed for her.

The young man prayed for her security. Dykes said. “He stopped me and said, ‘Hey, before you leave, do you mind if I pray with you for your day and the day I go to school?’

Dykes was amazed, but the arbitrary occasion was “terrific”. She said he asked her to pray for his security and introduced him as “a new friend.”

“I really hope he has a great day and I hope he improves his life, goes to school, and meets new people.” Dykes was amazed at the boy’s excitement and positivity.

He couldn’t shake the match. Police officers are sometimes honored for their good deeds, but this guy went further and thanked a government official he respected.

The police tried to find the boy after school but it was in vain, as she does not know his name or address where he lived, she hopes that he knows how much this prayer and this deed means to her.

Dykes said. “It gave me great happiness that he wanted to do this for me. I was happy to see someone so young and motivated who is so positive and wants to be the light.”

The boy’s light also touched many people on the network. With thousands of likes and comments, people cheered and wished the young man good luck. Someone commented, “So cute. Praying for both of them.”

Another user wrote: “God bless this child and the devoted officers who have to come across life and death situations every day.” Others noticed the sympathy expressed in the picture and encouraged more people to follow suit.

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