“Can’t be proud of their son”: This is Watts’s son who came to graduation in a dress and heels

Here is Naomi Watts’s son who came to graduation wearing a dress and heels

Talented and beloved actress Naomi Watts is married to a director and actor Liev Schreiber. The happy spouses raise a son who frequently appears on the cover of magazines. He is really fond of bright dresses and extravagant and glamorous looks.

Naomi and her unique son

For example, this time the son of Naomi and Schreiber came to graduation in a white dress and heels greatly surprising his parents’ fans.

“Are all kids in America like this?”, “Poor children”.

“I feel pity for his parents”, “It is clear that his father is not really glad of it”.

“It is his choice”, “This is not your business”, “It is up to him”.

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